GaiaDreams: Markus

Gaiadreams: Markus is a fantasy story about Markus, a typical American teenager surviving high school with the help of his best friend Val when suddenly a series of inexplicable and bazar events wretch him into an incredible journey of self-discovery.   Through interactions with characters in the roles of friends, family, teachers and even enemies, Markus learns of his extraordinary epic destiny.  His travels take him ultimately on a pursuit of his other half manifested in the person he is destined to love, live and dream with.  The story follows Markus onfantastic voyages to different lands, eras, realities and points of existence.  The novel takes the reader on a thought provoking philosophical journey exploring love and the meaning of life.

Gaiadreams: Markus is organized into five chapters, each focusing on a major milestone in Markus’s journey of self-discovery.  Each chapter is organized into several parts that relay the story scene by scene.  Many of these parts are accompanied by artwork or music that will help immerse the reader more fully into Markus’s lives as he experiences different eras and cultures. I hope you find my novel enjoyable and thought provoking.  

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Please enjoy and have a pleasant experience.

– Mohammad Alnajadah


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